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DNA Podcast 085 – Media and the Law

The Department of Nerdly Affairs
The Department of Nerdly Affairs
DNA Podcast 085 - Media and the Law

In this episode, Rob, Don and Jack Ward discuss the relationships between the law and entertainment media. These three gumshoes leave no stone unturned as they delve into the seedy and often antagonistic relationship between those who make the rules and those who make the fun. Along the way, they discuss how copyright law has affected Audio Drama, real-life superheroes, and a surprising amount of adult material. All this, and why the king of Prussia was one sneaky S.O.B., is waiting for you in this episode of The Department of Nerdly Affairs.

Closing Music:

Ode to Joy performed by Oliver Eckelt

Things Discussed:

Google Books Uncovers Massive Plagiarism
How Mickey and Superman Changed Copyright Law
Broken Sea Audio
Conan the Barbarian Copyright Issues
The History of Trademarks
The History of Copyright
History of Disclaimers
DC Comics
Marvel Comics
Pendant Productions
Brampton Batman
The Crimson Canuck
Batman Dead End
Spider-Man in Television
Audio Drama Ratings System
A History of PG-13
Dreams of Fisherman’s Wife by Hokusai (NSFW)
Ratings Systems
This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Marg Warrior Princess
Star Trek: The Next Generation a XXX Parody (Trailer)
The Air Pirates
Friendly Franks – The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Japanese Comic Book Demographics
Inspector Kurokochi
King of Prussia Markets Potatoes
Chinpokomon South Park


Jack’s Notes:

Lone Ranger Unmasked
But Moore’s career hit a speed bump in 1978, when Jack Wrather, who still owned the rights to the character, obtained a court order barring him from appearing in public as the Lone Ranger. The suit came because Universal Pictures felt it was time for a new take on the legendary masked man.
After a year-long court battle, Moore lost the right to wear the mask in 1979, a move that devastated both him and his fans. Moore was quoted as saying, “It felt like a slap in the face.”

Gary McKinnon
McKinnon stated that he was able to get into the military’s networks simply by using a Perl script that searched for blank passwords; in other words his report suggests that there were computers on these networks with the default passwords active.
He said he investigated a NASA photographic expert’s claim that at the Johnson Space Center’s Building 8, images were regularly cleaned of evidence of UFO craft, and confirmed this, comparing the raw originals with the “processed” images. He stated to have viewed a detailed image of “something not man-made” and “cigar shaped” floating above the northern hemisphere, and assuming his viewing would be undisrupted owing to the hour, he did not think of capturing the image because he was “bedazzled”, and therefore did not think of securing it with the screen capture function in the software at the point when his connection was interrupted.

Real Life Superheroes
Knight Warrior- Supernatural Power- to make the world a better place
Although he doesn’t have any combat training, gadgets, weapons, or identifiable means of protection, he does have a flashy costume, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need to get people’s attention. According to him, “When people see me coming up it does tend to stun them into silence.” Knight Warrior lives with his mother.

Wheel Clamp Man

His main “heroic” activity is a full-fledged crime—he patrols Perth with an angle grinder and cuts wheel clamps off cars that have been illegally parked.Dressed in a skintight green leotard, rainbow socks, and a glue-on mustache, Wheel Clamp Man has only been working in the area for a relatively short time, but motorists are grateful for his help in helping them avoid a $135 fine.

Dark Guardian

New York, Inspiring video taking out a drug dealer out of the park

Captain Australia

With gardening gloves flexed and ampersat blazing, Captain Australia is waging a one-man war against crime in Fortitude Valley. In his day life he’s a stay-at-home father of two, but a desire to clean up Queensland’s streets has motivated him to put together a makeshift costume and patrol some of the “seedier areas” of Brisbane at night.


Vancouver! Wearing a black trench coat, black hat, and a green skull mask, Thanatos takes a community involvement approach to vigilante justice, passing out food and clothing to people on the street, even though he still keeps an eye out for any crimes that cross his path.

Phoenix Jones

Seattle Washington is an MMA fighter. Bullet proof vest and armor plating

The Flashing Blade

Has only been involved in one incident so far, but it was definitely bizarre. A gang armed with chains and knives attacked two detectives in South Shields in 2007. The detectives were unarmed, but out of nowhere a man leaped into the fight, swinging a katana and shouting, “Leave him alone, he’s a police officer!” The sword caught one of the gang members on the arm, and the rest of them turned and ran, according to the report.After the detectives were safe, The Flashing Blade disappeared and was never seen again. The only description the police got was that he was white, in his 40s, and had a mustache. So, be on the lookout.

Chinese Redbud Woman.
She has been spotted several times in Beijing wearing a mask and cape and handing out food to homeless people on the streets.Are these people vigilantes, putting their lives and the lives of others in danger, or are they actually making a difference in whatever way they can?

Paramount and Axanar
Official fan guidelines. Specifically, the production can only be 30 minutes long in total, and even then it has to be split into two parts. The Axanar film also can’t have “Star Trek” in the title, cannot use public crowd-funding and may not compensate any of the professional talent for their work.

Flagpole sitting
Flagpole sitting was a fad in the mid-to-late 1920s. The fad was begun by stunt actor and former sailor[2] Alvin “Shipwreck” Kelly, who sat on a flagpole, either on a dare by a friend[3] or as a publicity stunt.[2] Shipwreck’s initial 1924 sit lasted 13 hours and 13 minutes. It soon became a fad with other contestants setting records of 12, 17 and 21 days. In 1929, Shipwreck decided to reclaim the title. He sat on a flagpole for 49 days in Atlantic City, New Jersey, setting a new record.[4] The following year, 1930, his record was broken by Bill Penfield in Strawberry Point, Iowa who sat on a flagpole for 51 days and 20 hours, until a thunderstorm forced him down. Flagpole sitting in the 1920s was a major part of the decade. For the most part, pole sitting died out after 1929, with the onset of the Depression.

Conan the Barbararian and Broken Sea
February 24, 2009
An intellectual property company has been harassing fans that were making audio versions of public domain Robert E. Howard CONAN stories.

They’d keep going, but the new fucked-up New Zealand copyright law will shut down their whole operation if the company complains.

Broken Sea Audio Productions, headquartered in New Zealand, has shut down all their Robert E. Howard projects after receiving another threatening letter from the lawyers for Conan Properties International LLC (aka Paradox Entertainment).

Disney, Universal and Warner Brothers

DNA Podcast 076 – American Superhero Comics

The Department of Nerdly Affairs
The Department of Nerdly Affairs
DNA Podcast 076 - American Superhero Comics

In this episode, Don and Rob delve deep into the history of American superhero comics. From their early murky and pulpy origins to the modern digital age, the pair explore the rocky history of superhero comics and how they reflect American society.  All this, and the Crimson Bee, is waiting for you in this episode of The Department of Nerdly Affairs.

Closing Music:

Ode to Joy performed by Oliver Eckelt

Things Discussed:

Marvel Comics
DC Comics
A Brief History of American Comics
The Scarlett Pimpernel
The Grey Seal
Gregg Taylor Pulp DNA Episode
The Shadow
Superman Old Time Radio Show
The Shadow Old Time Radio Show
Captain Nazi (I was wrong, he’s a SHAZAM villain)
The Crimson Bee (actually the Red Bee, but I don’t think it matters….)
Lucy Meets Superman
Captain Comet
Adam Strange
Tommy Tomorrow
Gold Key Comics
Charlton Comics
Del Rey
Kid Colt
The Comix Book
Captain Canuck
Shogun Warriors
Atlas Comics
Morlock 2001
Devil Hunter (I kinda combined a few versions of the name)
Iron Jaw
Merry Marvel Marching Society
Amazing Heroes
Ty Templeton
Sho Kosugi
The Marvel New Universe
Yuusuke Murata Spiderverse Poster
Crisis on Infinite Earths

The Death of Superman
Marvel Mangaverse
Woman in the Fridge Trope
Marvel MAX
The Marvel Adventures Line
Marvel Unlimited
DC Universe


DNA Podcast 65- A History of Mecha Anime Part One – Super Robots

The Department of Nerdly Affairs
The Department of Nerdly Affairs
DNA Podcast 65- A History of Mecha Anime Part One - Super Robots

In this episode, Don and Rob sit down to discuss the origins of Super Robot mecha anime. The pair discuss how it exploded onto Japanese TV in the 1970’s, how it changed and evolved over time, and it’s invasion of the minds of youth everywhere. All this, and the story of how the genre started because one man hated traffic jams, is waiting for you in this episode of The Department of Nerdly Affairs.

Closing Music:

Ode to Joy performed by Oliver Eckelt

Things Discussed:

List of Mecha Anime
Professor Otaku’s A Visual History of Mecha
Go Nagai
IT! The Living Colossus
Mazinger Z
Ultra 7
Frankenstein Jr.
The Green Slime
Tsuburaya Productions
Ray Harryhausen
Getta Robo
Getta Robo G
Taekwon V
Brave Raideen
Goddam Gowapper V
Shogun Warriors
Force Five
Young Boy Chokes to Death on Battlestar Galactica Toy
Combattler V (or maybe the new one)
Rainbow Sentai Robin (B&W, ironically….)
Tranzor Z (When I was a kid this is what ALL super robot openings looked like.)
Discotek Media
Dinosaur War Eizenborg
Ichiro Mizuki
Danguard Ace
Zambot 3
Yoshiyuki Tomino
Voltes V
Mobile Suit Gundam
Armored Fleet Dairuggar 15
Sabre Rider and the Star Sherrifs
Guren Lagaan (…is that a Porg…?)
Brave Robot Series
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Mazinger Infinity
Mighty Orbots
Sym-Bionic Titan
Pacific Rim


DNA Podcast 054 – TV Superheroes

The Department of Nerdly Affairs
The Department of Nerdly Affairs
DNA Podcast 054 - TV Superheroes

In this episode, Don and Rob sit down to discuss the history of American TV superheroes. From the open plains where the Lone Ranger roams, to Gotham City and Smallville, the pair chart the history of TV supers as from the dawn of TV to the present day. Along the way, they define what a Superhero is,  discuss how animated TV supers evolved, and bring back memories of the Six Million Dollar Man monster that terrified Rob as a kid. All this, and why Hugh Hefner is responsible for the campy Batman 66 TV series, is waiting for you in this episode of the Department of Nerdly Affairs.

Closing Music:

Ode to Joy performed by Oliver Eckelt

Things Discussed:

List of TV Superhero Shows
Capes and Cowls: A History of Superhero TV
Small Wonder
The Lone Ranger
The Adventures of Superman
DC Heroes RPG
Kung Fury
Movie Serials
Batman Serial
The Superman Radio Show
Doc Savage Man of Bronze
Captain Video
Couragous Cat and Minute Mouse
Bob Kane
Astro Boy
Eight Man
Batman 66 or, if you prefer….
Al Lewis
The Green Hornet
The Marvel Superheroes TV Series (60’s)
Captain America Theme
Space Ghost
The Super Six
Spiderman 67
Hanna Barbera
Frankenstein Junior and the Impossibles
The Mighty Heroes
The Superfriends
The Spidermobile
Shazam! (TV Series)
The Six Million Dollar Man
Bionic Bigfoot
Ted Cassidy (Lurch)
Richard Kiel (Jaws)
The Bionic Woman
The Bionic Superpowers Sound Effect
Wonder Woman TV
The Amazing Spiderman 70’s TV
Electra Woman and Dyna Girl
Spiderman and His Amazing Friends
The Greatest American Hero
Misfits of Science
My Secret Identity
Jerry O’Connell
Superboy TV Series
Super Force
Gemini Man
Probe TV Series
Global Frequency
Lois and Clark
Power Rangers
Batman TAS
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
One Punch Man
Young Justice
Damage Control
Angel and the Ape
Prez Comic
The Tick (2017)
Skull the Slayer

DNA Podcast 052- A Brief History of American Comics

The Department of Nerdly Affairs
The Department of Nerdly Affairs
DNA Podcast 052- A Brief History of American Comics

In this episode, Rob and Don plunge into the vast history of American comic books and try to make sense of it all. The pair explore the origins of the first comic books, and how the name Gains changed the comic book world not once, but twice! Then they face the challenge of the superheros as Superman’s birth brings about a new age, both in comic books and real life. Finally, they talk about the current comic market, and what flagging sales mean for Marvel and DC’s future. All this, and Brother Power the Geek, is waiting for you in this episode of the Department of Nerdly Affairs.

Closing Music:

Ode to Joy performed by Oliver Eckelt

Things Discussed:

A History of Comic Books (wikipedia)
The Great Canadian Comic Books
Nelvana of the Ether People
Angus MacAskill- The Giant of Cape Breton
Cherry Poptart
The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck
Journey to the Gold Diggins
Hogan’s Alley
The Yellow Kid
Birth of a Nation
The Sunday Supplements
Winsor McKay
Little Nemo in Slumberland
Funnies on Parade
New Fun Comics
Doctor Occult
Action Comics #1
Superman OTR
Superman vs The KKK
DC Comics
The Shadow
Archie Comics
Dell Comics
Fawcett Comics
EC Comics
Horror Hosts
Spook Shows
Seduction of the Innocent
The Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquincy
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Marvel Comics
MAD Magazine
Robert Crumb
ZAP Comix
Underground Comix
Don Heck
Teen Titans
Comics Code Authority
Brother Power the Geek
Harvey Comics
Eclipe Comics
First Comics
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Crisis on Infinite Earths
The Black and White Glut
IMAGE Comics
Rob Liefield
Todd McFarlane
Jim Lee
Valiant Comics
Malibu Comics
The Death of Superman
Marvel Unlimited


DNA Podcast 020 – Tabletop RPG Memories

The Department of Nerdly Affairs
The Department of Nerdly Affairs
DNA Podcast 020 - Tabletop RPG Memories


In this episode, Rob and Don are joined by their friend Chad to discuss their love of Tabletop Role-Playing Games. The trio explore the history of TRPGS, and talks about their own experiences and growing up playing these games. Along the way, they discuss the appeal of Gamma World, point based vs. random character creation, and their love of Superhero Gaming. All this, and the future of TRPGs are waiting for you in the 20th episode of the Department of Nerdly Affairs.

Closing Music: Ode to Joy performed by Oliver Eckelt 

Things Discussed:

Chainmail: Rules for Medival Miniatures
Dungeons and Dragons
Little Wars by HG Wells
Metamorphosis Alpha
Traveller RPG
Gamma World
Superhero 2044
Villains and Vigilantes
Champions Review
HERO System (Champions)
TSR Marvel Superheros RPG Review
Mayfair DC Heroes RPG
Palladium Fantasy RPG
TMNT: And other Strangeness RPG
Ninjas and Superspies
Call of Cthulhu
Robotech RPG
D20 System
GNS Theory (Narrativst Games)
Pathfinder RPG
Weapons of the Gods Review
Exalted RPG
Beyond the Supernatural
Chill Horror RPG
World of Darkness RPG Universe
AR Gameboards

DNA Podcast 017 – All About Ultraman

The Department of Nerdly Affairs
The Department of Nerdly Affairs
DNA Podcast 017 - All About Ultraman


In this episode, Rob and Don do an overview of the Japanese media titan Ultraman, delving into the concepts behind the series, doing an overview of Ultraman’s long history, and talking about their personal connections to the character. All this, and a trip into the world of 80’s independent television, are waiting for you in this episode of the Department of Nerdly Affairs

Note- I had a few Mic issues with this one, sorry about the quality of the recording on my side. Also, this is our largest episode to date, but we just couldn’t get Ultraman any smaller!

Closing Music: Ode to Joy performed by Oliver Eckelt 

Things Discussed
Ultra Q
The Ultra Series
Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot
Barnaby (Linn Sheldon)
Channel 20 Detroit
Channel 29 Buffalo
Channel 43 Cleveland
Ultraman Pepsi (Cosmos)
Thai Ultraman Licensing
Ultraman in Popular Culture
Ultraman Episode One(Original Series, English Dub)
Ultra 7 Episodes in English (YouTube playlist)
Ultraman Ace episode 1 (Malaysian English Dub)
Ultraman the Anime, Episode One (English dubbed)
Ultraman: The Adventure Begins (Full animated film by Hanna Barbera)
Ultraman: Towards the Future Episode 1 (Australian Ultraman)
Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero Ep 1. (American Ultraman)
Ultraman TIGA Episode 1 (English Subbed, if you’ve never seen Ultraman before, this is a good spot to start.)
Ultraman Dyna Episode 1 (English Subbed)
Ultraman Cosmos Episode 1 (English Subbed)
Ultraman Nexus (Series Playlist, English subbed.)
Ultraman Mebius (Series Playlist, English Subbed.)
Crunchyroll (which currently has 7 different Ultra series up for viewing with English subtitles, including Ultraman Gaia, Ultraman Leo, Ultraman 80, Ultraman Max, and the most recent shows, you need a premium account to see them, but can get a free two-week trial.)