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DNA Podcast 068 – Super Sentai with Squall Charlson

In this episode…everybody say HAI! Because Rob and Don sit down with YouTuber and Tokusatsu fan Squall Charlson to discuss the history of Japan’s Super Sentai genre. Donning the colours of Red, Blue and Yellow, the three heroes discuss the genre’s origins, how it evolved over time, and the highlights of Super Sentai’s 43 year history! All this, and how Dynaman is the greatest thing ever, is waiting for you in this episode of the Department of Nerdly Affairs.

Closing Music:

Ode to Joy performed by Oliver Eckelt

Things Discussed

List of Sentai Series
IT’S HENSHIN TIME! The History of Super Sentai & Power Rangers (a YouTube documentary on the history of Sentai and Power Rangers)
Squall’s YouTube Channel
Dynaman Comedy Dub Episodes
Kamen Rider
Metal Hero Shows
Himistu Sentai GoRanger
Joss Whedon
Japanese Spiderman
Battle Fever J
TNT Ultra 7
Squall’s Video on Reused Sentai Locations
Keita Amemiya
Gogo Five
Kamen Rider Kuuga
Kamen Rider Faiz
Failed Megazord (ToQger Mecha Boner!)
Lupinranger vs. Patoranger
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Kamen Rider Ryuki
Kamen Rider The First
Kamen Rider The Next

DNA Podcast 017 – All About Ultraman


In this episode, Rob and Don do an overview of the Japanese media titan Ultraman, delving into the concepts behind the series, doing an overview of Ultraman’s long history, and talking about their personal connections to the character. All this, and a trip into the world of 80’s independent television, are waiting for you in this episode of the Department of Nerdly Affairs

Note- I had a few Mic issues with this one, sorry about the quality of the recording on my side. Also, this is our largest episode to date, but we just couldn’t get Ultraman any smaller!

Closing Music: Ode to Joy performed by Oliver EckeltĀ 

Things Discussed
Ultra Q
The Ultra Series
Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot
Barnaby (Linn Sheldon)
Channel 20 Detroit
Channel 29 Buffalo
Channel 43 Cleveland
Ultraman Pepsi (Cosmos)
Thai Ultraman Licensing
Ultraman in Popular Culture
Ultraman Episode One(Original Series, English Dub)
Ultra 7 Episodes in English (YouTube playlist)
Ultraman Ace episode 1 (Malaysian English Dub)
Ultraman the Anime, Episode One (English dubbed)
Ultraman: The Adventure Begins (Full animated film by Hanna Barbera)
Ultraman: Towards the Future Episode 1 (Australian Ultraman)
Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero Ep 1. (American Ultraman)
Ultraman TIGA Episode 1 (English Subbed, if you’ve never seen Ultraman before, this is a good spot to start.)
Ultraman Dyna Episode 1 (English Subbed)
Ultraman Cosmos Episode 1 (English Subbed)
Ultraman Nexus (Series Playlist, English subbed.)
Ultraman Mebius (Series Playlist, English Subbed.)
Crunchyroll (which currently has 7 different Ultra series up for viewing with English subtitles, including Ultraman Gaia, Ultraman Leo, Ultraman 80, Ultraman Max, and the most recent shows, you need a premium account to see them, but can get a free two-week trial.)