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New DNA YouTube Channel

At long last, I’ve gotten around to putting the complete collection of DNA episodes (to date) up on YouTube. They’re not annotated with images and clips (sorry, it would be too much to annotate 94 episodes), but they are available for listening and hopefully it will help to find a new audience. Also, if you prefer YouTube as your audio source of choice, or place to comment, we now have you covered!

You can use the link in this post, or the one at the top of the page to check them out.


Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to all our listeners! The next episode of DNA will be released Friday, July 5th!

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The Next Episode of the Department of Nerdly Affairs Will Air May 17th

Set your podcatchers, folks! The next episode of DNA goodness (or badness, since it’s about crime and villainy in pop culture!) will air on May 17th, 2019.

Don’t miss it!



Episode Delayed

The next episode of the Department of Nerdly Affairs, an interview with J-Novel Club founder Sam Pinansky, will be released Friday December 7th.

Don’t miss it!


Next episode delayed until Oct 5th.

We’ll be releasing the next DNA episode, a monster 3 hour extravaganza about American Superhero Comics, on Oct. 5th.

Sorry for the delay.


Next Episode August 17th

Due to life and other unfortunate circumstances, the next episode of The Department of Nerdly Affairs will be delayed until August 17th.

While you’re waiting, use the time to go check out the latest episode of the Sonic Society’s Summer Playhouse!


Show delayed until May 4th

Hi all!

Due to life getting in the way, our next episode will be released on May 4th.

Sorry about the delay.


Christmas Break

Hi Operatives!

The DNA podcast is going on a break for the holidays and will be back the first week of January. Don and I hope that you have a great nerdly Christmas and wish you and yours an awesome New Year’s! 
Stay nerdly!


With apologies 

Due to unfortunate life circumstances, this week’s episode of the Department of Nerdly Affairs will be delayed until the 27th of October. 

Until it’s available, check out if you haven’t already. (You’re missing something awesome if you haven’t.)


New Listener’s Facebook Group

By request, I’ve created a new fan page for the podcast on Facebook for those who frequent such places. Come and join the fun  on our Operatives of the Department of Nerdy Affairs Facebook group!