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DNA Podcast 027b – Horror Hosts Extra with Michael Monahan


The horror host Rob grew up with- WUAB Channel 43 Cleveland’s Superhost!

This is an extra after-show conversation which occurred after the recording of episode 27 and continues on from where we left off. Among other things, we talk about the passing into history of the original horror hosts, how Horror Hosts dealt with national tragedies like the Kennedy Assassination and 9/11, and the changing relationship between people and local media.

Don grew up with a variety of Detroit horror hosts, which you can see here:


DNA Podcast 027 – Horror Hosts with Michael Monahan


In this episode, Rob and Don sit down with Michael Monahan, author and co-producer of the documentary American Scary, to talk about Horror Hosts. We delve into the origins of the Horror Host phenomena from its early days with Vampira to the megahit Ghoulardi and the modern incarnations which still stalk the airwaves. All this, and why Bob Wilkins is a name every scifi fan should know, is coming to you in this, the 27th episode of the Department of Nerdly Affairs.

    Closing Music:

Ode to Joy performed by Oliver Eckelt 

Things Discussed:

American Scary Trailer
American Scary (First 10 mins)
Z-Team Productions YouTube Channel (has bonus and deleted Horror Host interviews)
3 Minute Horror Hosts Montage from American’s Funniest Videos
Bob Wilkins
Horror Hosts
E-Gors Chamber of TV Horror Hosts (more detailed host list here)
Shock Theatre Package
Midnight Spook Show
EC Horror Comics
Turn Blue: The Short Life of Ghoulardi (Documentary on Cleveland Horror Host)
Interview with Horror Host Tom Leahy (Documentary on Kansas Horror Host)
Dinner with Drac
Hillarious House of Frightenstein (episode one)
YouTube Horror Host Playlist (nice random sample of horror host schtick)
Doctor Morgus from New Orleans hosts a showing of Godzilla (video, full episode)
Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Youtube Channel
Reptilicus Trailer
American Scary- The Book
Dr. Ghoulfinger