The Department of Nerdly Affairs
The Department of Nerdly Affairs
DNA Podcast 099 - Trust Us, We're Lying

In this episode, Don and Rob are joined by Jack Ward to discuss the book Trust Me, I’m Lying by Ryan Holiday and the implications that come with his tell-all book about media manipulation. The three delve into the techniques used by Holiday and media manipulators, how the media hacks human psychology, and why fake news may have always been with us. All this, and the startling truth about the reptilian invasion, is waiting for you in this episode of The Department of Nerdly Affairs.

Closing Music:
Ode to Joy performed by Oliver Eckelt

Things Discussed:

Trust Me, I’m Lying by Ryan Holiday
“You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.” – William Randolph Hurst
Source Amnesia
The Thunderbird Photo
The Backfire Effect
Yellow Journalism
I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell
James O’Keefe
Andrew Brietbart
D&D Satanic Panic
The Internet Research Agency (Russian Troll Farm)
A Russian Facebook page organized a protest in Texas. A different Russian page launched the counterprotest.
Gawker Media
Nick Denton
The Lumiere Brothers
The New York Sun / Benjamin Day
Mutual Audio Network
Scott Adams (Created Dilbert)
Kinda Racist? Try Diet Racism! (Collegehumour)
This Video Will Make You Angry
What is an Influencer?
Help a Reporter Out (HARO)
Jordan Peterson
The Year 2525
The Congress (film)