The Department of Nerdly Affairs
The Department of Nerdly Affairs
DNA Podcast 103 - Murder Hobos

In this episode, Don and Rob explore the concept of the “murder hobo” and how this approach to fantasy roleplaying connects with other parts of movies, games, and popular culture. The pair look deep into the roots of D&D, discuss how murder hobos reflect the fantasies of the audience, and the idea’s connections with Westerns. All this, and why Bridget Jones just might be a murder hobo, is waiting for you in this episode of The Department of Nerdly Affairs.

Closing Music:
Ode to Joy performed by Oliver Eckelt

Things Discussed:

Knight Errant
OGRE Tabletop Wargame
Aaron Allston’s Strike Force (for Champions RPG)
Buckaroo Banzai
The Boys
Into the Badlands
Death Wish Films
Fist of the North Star