The Department of Nerdly Affairs
The Department of Nerdly Affairs
DNA Podcast 055 - Making the Biff Straker RPG

In this episode, Don and Rob sit down with their friend Jack Ward to help him construct a tabletop RPG system for his Audio Drama series Spaceways Starring Biff Straker. In the process, the trio discuss the benefits of different dice systems, damage systems, character design approaches, and how to bring the feels to an RPG. All this, and the My Little Pony RPG, are waiting for you in this episode of the Department of Nerdly Affairs.

Closing Music:

Ode to Joy performed by Oliver Eckelt

Things Discussed:

Spaceways Starring Biff Straker
Champions RPG
Doc Savage
Jake Samson
Car Wars
Cartoon Action Hour
Morrow Project
Vampire the Masquerade
The D6 System
Xena the Warrior Princess
Space 1889
Star Trek FASA RPG
My Little Pony RPG
Star Wars (West End Games)
Mekton (First Edition)