The Department of Nerdly Affairs
The Department of Nerdly Affairs
DNA Podcast 010 - Twisted Robot Mego Chicken Theatre

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In this episode, Rob interviews Don about his Mego toymaking hobby. They discuss the history of the Mego company, the current state of Mego fandom, and the future of toys in a 3-D Printing world. All this, and the Mego Mangler are waiting for you in this 10th episode of the Department of Nerdly Affairs.

Closing Music: Ode to Joy performed by Oliver Eckelt 

Thing Discussed:

Mego Corporation
The History of Mego (short video)
Meco Star Wars Cover
A History of Action Figures
GI Joe – America’s Movable Fighting Man
Wooden Superman Doll from the 1930’s
Major Matt Mason
The Fighting Yank (GI Joe Clones)
Action Jackson Commercial (with the coolest theme song ever!)
Popy Japanese Mego Figures
Gatchaman (aka Battle of the Planets)
The Post Brothers
Robot Chicken
Twisted Mego Theatre
What The?
Doc Mego
Mego Mangler
Fisher Price Adventure People
Cyberpunk AV-4
Judge Dredd Lawmaster
Tor Johnson
Professor Badass
Apple’s Giant Automated Factory (apparently, the project died and it was cancelled)
Lego Braille Printer

Gallery of of some of Don’s Custom Mego Figures