The Department of Nerdly Affairs
The Department of Nerdly Affairs
DNA Podcast 037 - Death and the Nerdly Arts


Rob, Don and Jack Ward explore the place of death in the nerdly arts. From superheroes who never die, to the real life celebrities who do (for now), and how our own fears of death shape our entertainment of choice, the trio head down a funerary rabbit hole. It’s an episode of grave humour, and sober considerations about the future of the kind you’ll only find on the Department of Nerdly Affairs.

    Closing Music:

Ode to Joy performed by Oliver EckeltĀ 

Things Discussed:

The Princess Diarist
Nicholas Hammond
Rocket Robin Hood
King Arthur
Edward Snowden
Bill and Ted play Chess with Death
Millenial Problems
Japanese Don’t Have Sex
Japanese VR Sex Toys
The Venus Project
Basic Minimum Income
Randi Cartier